Nutri-Source Drops

I have a real interest in the world of online pet supply sales.  As a brick and mortar store pet store owner, I have watched with concern as online sales have continued to grow.  I do have a long term vision of success for our store but the next few years could be rocky.  This news gives me some hope that there are other companies realizing that it isn’t going to work to try to get all the business.  Sometimes it is best to do better with a smaller market.  Everyone is happier.

Shameless plug: We carry Nutri-Source dogfood.

Quote from the Press release linked below.

“While e-commerce sales have grown significantly over the past few years and will continue to grow – and no company can ignore this channel – it is our strong intent to continue with our current marketing plan focused on the independent specialty retailers and family owned businesses.  In line with this we have made the decision to part ways with Chewy at this time”