Black Oil Sunflower

Feathered Friend Black Oil Sunflower Seed wild bird food is a high-energy, high-protein, year-round favorite to attract a variety of birds to your feeder. This seed appeals to bob-whites, cardinals, chickadees, finches and towhees. For use in hopper, tube, platform, and window feeders. Size is 40 lb. Also available in 20 lb. Price is $14.99

Nutri-Source Drops

I have a real interest in the world of online pet supply sales.  As a brick and mortar store pet store owner, I have watched with concern as online sales have continued to grow.  I do have a long term vision of success for our store but the next few years could be rocky.  This news gives me some hope that there are other companies realizing that it isn’t going to work to try to get all the business.  Sometimes it is best to do better with a smaller market.  Everyone is happier.

Shameless plug: We carry Nutri-Source dogfood.

Quote from the Press release linked below.

“While e-commerce sales have grown significantly over the past few years and will continue to grow – and no company can ignore this channel – it is our strong intent to continue with our current marketing plan focused on the independent specialty retailers and family owned businesses.  In line with this we have made the decision to part ways with Chewy at this time”

Pre-Order your Production Red Pullets

The Chestnut Feedery is opening up pre-orders for our wonderful Production Red Pullets ($9 per bird). These young adult female brown egg layers will come ready to lay eggs for you within 4-5 weeks. Skip all the hassle of raising the little chicks only to find out that 6 out of 10 of them are roosters. Pre-order your pullets now to reserve and pay for them when you pick them up in the middle of May. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call.

Random facts
*These sex linked pullets are the offspring of a Rhode Island rooster and an egg laying type White Rock hen.
*My pullets have laid one egg a day for months at a time..
*We also offer a pickup location in Dubois, PA if you are able to meet us in the afternoon.

Turkey Poults have arrived

Turkey poults arrived today. They are a mix of the broad-breasted turkey breeds. I have 16 available (at press time) and I will keep you updated here. The price is $9 per bird.

Edit: We have 5 poults left.

Picture of Turkey Poults

Picture of Turkey Poults

World Record Bird

This is a cute article on the bird that holds the world record for the most words. Here is a clip.
“on Christmas morning, 1993 Puck was entertaining himself on the coffee table in the living room when Camille and her husband heard him say: “It’s Christmas. That’s what’s happening. That’s what it’s all about. I love Pucky. I love everyone.”

Most Common Phrase

“I had no idea you had so much in this store!”
This has to be the most often repeated phrase by new customers.  I think that the outside of our store is a bit lackluster and dull.  That is not where the action is.  Come on inside and see the 5 cockatiels chirp at you or pet the baby bunnies.  We have a little room in the back where various reptiles hang out.

Seresto Collars are In

We just got a large shipment of Seresto collars.  We got these collars on a special so we are passing the savings on to you.  Seresto collars sell themselves.  We don’t have to tell customers how good they are.  We don’t have to explain the benefits.  I had a customer this morning tell me that she uses a Seresto collar for ticks and the dogs not longer get them.

$54.99 per collar all sizes.


Price list for exotics 2/8/2016

You can special order the animals below from our store. You will need to prepay the order before I will put the order in for you. I send the order in by noon on Wednesday so you can get the order to me and it will arrive on Thursday.

Description Price
Green Anole $12.95
Iguanas $24.00
Cuban Anole $22.00
Yellow Throat Plated Lizard $26.00
Desert Iguana $38.00
Mountain Horned Lizard $25.00
Water Dragon medium $24.00
Jewel Curlytail Lizard $21.00
Ornate Curlytail Lizard $20.00
Fire Skink $45.00
Jewel Lacerta Large $115.00
Kei Island Blue Tongue Skink $270.00
Jewel Lacerta 6in $95.00
Baby Blue Tongue Skinks $195.00
Irian Jaya Blue Tongue Skink $195.00
Mali Uromastyx baby $110.00
Western Fence Swift $30.00
Alligator Lizard $55.00
Red Eye Crocodile Skink $115.00
Sailfin Dragon 12in $115.00
Water Skink $55.00
Green Tree Frog $12.95
Marine Toad 3-4in $22.00
Alanis Tinc Dart Frog $75.00
Albino Leopard Gecko $50.00
Hypo Tangerine Leopard Gecko Adult ♀ $45.00
Hypo Tangerine Leopard Gecko Adult ♂ $42.00
Normal Leopard Geckos large $40.00
Super Orange Hypo Leopard Gecko $50.00
Micro Spot Leopard Gecko $45.00
Bold Spot Leopard Gecko $45.00
Red Bearded Dragon Adult $135.00
Adult Bearded Dragon Male $110.00
Adult Crested Gecko male $80.00
Red Crested Gecko baby $55.00
Flame Crested Gecko baby $55.00
C.B. Giant Day Gecko small $55.00
Giant Bent Toe Gecko $90.00
Zebra Finch $24.00
Indian Blue Ringneck $415.00
Sun Conure $320.00
Rosy Bourke $170.00
Grey Cockatiel $75.00
Pied Cockatiel $85.00
Parakeets $22.00
Silverbill Finch $47.00
Veiled Chameleon small $55.00
Jacksons Chameleon med $60.00
Panther Chameleon Ambanja Blue 3-4in $195.00
Sunburt Veiled Chameleon XL $130.00
**Turtles** 10
African Side Neck Turtle 4in $42.00
Mata Mata Turtle 4in $345.00
Yellow Mud Turtle $120.00
C. A. Wood Turtle $70.00
Red Ear Slider 5-6in $18.50
Alligator Snapper 8-9in $320.00
Alligator Snapper 4-5in $220.00
** Small Animals** 10
Baby Ferrets (Marshall Farms) $111.00
Fancy Mice (reds,cows, etc.) $12.25
Guinea Pigs $25.00
Dumbo Rats $15.00
Hairless Rats $15.00
Gerbils $14.00
Teddy Bear Hamster $15.50
Black Bear or Panda Hamster $18.00
Blue & Black Patchwork Mice $14.00
European Giant Mice-get 3x regular size $14.00
Beige Chinchilla $115.00
Champagne Chinchilla $125.00
Ast Bunnies $27.00
Ast Bunnies fancy-lionheads, dwarfs, etc $28.00
Russian Dwarf Hamsters $14.00
**Turtles** 10
African Side Neck Turtle 4in $42.00
Mata Mata Turtle 4in $345.00
Yellow Mud Turtle $120.00
C. A. Wood Turtle $70.00
Red Ear Slider 5-6in $18.50
Alligator Snapper 8-9in $320.00
Alligator Snapper 4-5in $220.00